“Thanks to the CycleBait I was able to pick off the bass I needed on a tough day on Lake Barkley yesterday and get myself and my partner qualified to fish the USA Bassin’ regional tournament on Old Hickory this fall.  By far my favorite new bait I've came across.”  

W.B. Submitted via Facebook.

“I love the action of the CycleBait.  I tried it out for the first time tonight at a pond by my house and caught one on the first cast.  I told one of my buddies about them and we just ordered some tonight.  Thanks.” 

G.L. Submitted via website comment box

"The CycleBait looks so good coming through the water. It WILL catch fish. Period."

R.R. Submitted via website comment box.

 “Finished 2nd in the ABA AFT yesterday and two of my fish that I weighed in came on the CycleBait.” 

B.C. Submitted via Facebook

“The CycleBait helped me to an 18lb bag on Barkley last Saturday.  I've been running them with a 4.5” Shadalicious behind them.  That thing is freaking awesome man.  I can't believe as hard as they hit it is haven't broke wire on a single one yet.”  

W.B. Submitted via Facebook

“I have used them quite a bit, and have had good success on them. They have consistently produced nice fish.  I just wanted to send you an email telling you how pleased we are with the CycleBait.” 

J.W. Submitted via website comment box.

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