The Cyclebait® Swingback

  • Free-swinging head, and new short-arm "RingShield" wire frame creates more side-to-side movement, yet prevents the hook from swinging upwards toward the rings
  • Feel the "click click click" in your rod tip each time the blade changes direction
  • 1/2-oz version features a 4/0 hook and available custom 5+ or 6+ nickel color blade
  • 1-oz version features a 5/0 hook and custom 7+ nickel color blade
  • Simply remove our skirt and replace with a fluke for even more bait movement
  • Available in these skirt colors:  White, Blue/Black, Chartreuse, Silver Shad, Spring Craw, Pink Shad, and Fire Tiger
  • FREE SHIPPING OFFER going on now for all orders (offer good only in the USA)
  • Patented movement with other patents pending
  • Click the bait image below, then on the next page select color and "add to cart" 
  • Looking for a bait with less thump? Try our Cyclebait Swingback MINI or a pack of our Jig Wigs
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