About our Baits

Hi, and thanks for visiting our site. We're a small (and we mean small) bait company that aims to be different. Our goal is designing baits that bass in your lake haven't seen or heard before--baits with unique movements generating new sounds and vibrations. Read on below for more information about our lures, or click any product image in our online store to watch videos of our baits in action. We apologize in advance for the amateur-ish nature of our video clips, but we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did making them! 


RyPro is proud to be the home of some of the newest bass fishing lures on the market: The Original Cyclebait®, the Cyclebait® ELITE, The Cyclebait® Swingback™, the Cyclebait® FLEX, the Cyclebait® Underspin, the Cyclebait® Tailspin, the Jig Wig® jig head cover, the Slot Tail™ swimbait, and the SwingBack™ buzzbait.  Whether you're looking for the latest in bass fishing baits or just want to watch fish-catching video clips, we have something different for you here at our website.

Our Cyclebaits and Slot Tail swimbaits have already helped weekend anglers win tournament money, while a stik-o worm rigged with our Jig Wig has helped a few other folks catch their biggest bass ever, including a 9lb 4oz winning "big fish" in a tournament on Lake Chickamauga.  Browse 50+ video clips on our YouTube channel page, or check out our Facebook page for even more pics and videos.  Lastly, visit our online store here to see our entire collection of baits you can buy online today.  Again welcome, thanks for visiting, and we hope you're back on the water soon! 

What is a Cyclebait?

"It moves in ways that spinnerbaits simply can't.”  The Cyclebait's blade “cycles” back and forth, automatically changing its spin direction as the bait is retrieved.  This results in more bait movement and more water disruption than a conventional spinnerbait. 

Ever been sitting at home and heard a single-engine airplane flying overhead?  Everyone has. It always sounds the same. There’s no need to go outside and look.  On the other hand, what if you heard the plane's engine starting and stopping?  You’d no doubt want to go see it for yourself.  That’s the basic idea why we believe the Cyclebait can attract fish differently compared to traditional spinnerbaits.  With its blade and linkage emitting a slight clicking noise during each automatic stop and reversal of blade rotation, the Cyclebait is certainly a new “twist” in bass fishing.  You can fish it like it is, add a stinger hook, replace our skirt with a different color of your own, or remove the skirt entirely and fish it with just a paddletail, fluke, or other type trailer.  

Again, the blade "cycles" back and forth changing spin directions, causing the Cyclebait to swim with a motion totally different from ordinary spinnerbaits.  The blade doesn't flutter or undulate.  It exhibits rhythmically-controlled, repeating rotations in opposing spin directions--all thanks to a combination of the correct wire geometry, blade shape, weight distribution, and optimized ring size.  Cyclebaits blend the side-to-side movement of a swimbait with the vibration and flash of a spinnerbait.

How do Cyclebaits make noises different than a spinnerbait?

A spinnerbait blade emits a single monotone frequency as the bait is reeled in, which is equal to how fast the blade is constantly rotating.  A minnow, however, doesn't emit such a monotone frequency as it swims. Its tail sweeps between a leftmost position and a rightmost position, with the tail's maximum velocity occurring in the middle between those two left/right "paused tail" positions.  This is exactly how a Cyclebait blade behaves:  pausing at the left and right extremes, with maximum blade speed occurring as it passes through the center plane of the bait.  What's more, each of our Cyclebaits emit a slight "click" sound underwater each time the blade automatically changes spin direction.  The result is an acoustic signal that is interpreted as being "more dynamic" compared to the unchanging spinning sound of a spinnerbait.  This may help explain why some anglers have told us that strikes on Cyclebaits seemed to be more aggressive compared to strikes on other baits.

Do I have to jerk the rod tip or do anything fancy with my retrieve to get a Cyclebait to zig-zag that way?

Nope.  Just cast it out and reel it back in with a steady retrieve.  It's that easy.  Cyclebaits are an excellent "search bait" too, allowing you to quickly cover lots of water when searching for active fish.


Our other baits are unique too!

The patented RyPro Slot Tail swimbait:  
"The Slot Tail features a flat swaying tail like a real baitfish.  Other soft-plastic swimbaits don't."  Our goal was to design a one-piece, flat-tail soft bait that generated a vibration signature like the actual swaying tail motion of real baitfish.  The Slot Tail's lifelike back-and-forth vibration more realistically originates from the soft flat tail itself, and not from an unrealistic wooden body, plastic bill, or non-flat tail.  You can also cut the tail for fishing at much slower retrieve speeds (click here to watch video).  And, you can even use a Slot Tail as a heavy trailer for the RyPro CycleBait.  Each pack contains seven Slot Tails.

The patented RyPro Jig Wig jig head cover:
"A hard metal jig head does not feel like any natural food source to a fish."  If the Red-Eye Jig Wig's oversize chewy membrane convinces fish to hold on one more second before deciding to spit your jig out or not (giving you one more second to set the hook), then it's done its job.  Once clamped onto a jig head, the curved belly of a Jig Wig provides substantial hydrodynamic lift at the front of the jig, which helps transform any fat worm into a super slow moving, zig-zag swimbait that is super easy to fish - just cast and retrieve (check out a video clip here to see the bait in action).  Other benefits?...Jig Wigs are designed to clamp onto most 1/4-oz and 3/8-oz bare football jig heads that you already own.  And don't worry about losing one, since they can also float.  Each kit contains four Jig Wigs, two 4/0-hook jig heads (1/4-oz and 1/8-oz), and two spare red eyes.

The RyPro SwingBack Buzzbait:
We discovered that not only was our SwingBack™ pivoting head design great for CycleBaits, but it could be used for other lures as well—such as buzzbaits.  So, we designed our own buzzbait wire geometry and voila:  The SwingBack Buzzbait.  The oxbow bend in the wire allows the hook to ride a bit deeper than conventional buzzbaits, lessening the chance that a fish will knock it airborne during a strike.  And since all our buzzbaits are 1/2 oz, you can throw them a mile.  But don’t worry about the buzzbait sinking too fast—all of our buzzbaits feature two skirts for additional buoyancy and improved slow-retrieve performance.  Try one today and start aggravating bass in your lake or river.  After all, we all know there’s only one way for a bass to make a buzzbait stop buzzing!